Salmon Idaho Auto Repair

Keep your vehicle in top shape

Work with your mechanic to schedule the service you need for your vehicle to perform at it’s top level for many years to come. Regular maintenance can keep you on the road.

  • Improve spark delivery to your engine.

This way, the air and fuel mixture will burn better and cleaner. You’ll get better gas mileage, improve overall performance, and help your engine last longer.

  • Improve your intake/output system.

A clean and fully functioning intake/output system will help the gas come into your engine, and also help exhaust exit the vehicle cleanly. This will improve overall performance and gas mileage.

  • Reduce friction.

Use a high-quality or synthetic motor oil and change it on the schedule recommended by your mechanic.

  • Oil levels

Check your oil – even in a new car. Low oil makes your engine work harder. Too much oil can damage systems.

  • Keep your filters clean

Check those filters regularly and change when necessary. Dirty filters can actually increase the amount of  fuel your vehicle is using by 10 percent.

  • Proper care of tires

Make sure your tires are properly inflated and aligned. Have your mechanic check regularly to ensure  your wheels are fully inflated and your alignment is right.

  • Tuneups and maintenance checks

Get regular engine tune-ups and car maintenance checks. This will include checking your electric system and belts. Damaged spark plugs or transmission problems can also  contribute to poor gas mileage.

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Salmon, Idaho

Salmon, Idaho is located in the mountains of central Idaho along the Montana border and the Continental Divide. We are a small town with the friendly people and good reputations that you would expect from a small community.

Salmon is located at the junction of Hwy 93 and Hwy 28, and also where the Lemhi River pours into the Main Salmon River. We are known for great scenery, plentiful hunting and fishing, great mountain biking, and fabulous river running.

If you come into Salmon for an outdoor adventure you can trust the mechanics at the Good News Garage to repair or service your vehicle. Give us a call today.