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How to Communicate with your Mechanic

So your car is making a noise. It’s kind of, “Beep beep grind”, and it certainly doesn’t sound right! It didn’t sound like that yesterday. So, how do you communicate this with your auto mechanic to get the best service and right repairs?

Today’s vehicles are high-tech marvels that run pretty great… until they don’t. They actually run better, longer and more efficiently than ever before. But they can also seem more intimidating when something goes wrong.

When it comes time for those repairs, good communication between you and your auto repair specialist will help make the process smooth and possibly even save you money! Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

  • Do a little research before heading out to the shop. You may pick up some great tips in an online forum or fact website. Remember, though, this is only research. Your auto mechanic is the trained professional and knows a lot more than any online forum about your particular case.
  • Read through your owner’s manual. It was written specifically for your car and could have the answer right there.
  • Make a list of service schedules you have followed (or not) to give your mechanic all the information they need to make a diagnosis.

After you are done with the basics, start looking at the problem logically:

  • When does the sound or smell occur?
  • Have you noticed any unusual drips, leaks or smoke?
  • What are your gauge readings when you start cold, and after you are heated up?
  • How does the steering feel?
  • How’s the braking?
  • Is the problem constant or periodic?
  • Does it happen at slow speed? Fast? During acceleration? Braking?
  • When did the problem first start?

OK. Now you and I know that you will not be able to resist trying to make that “noise” when talking to your mechanic… and actually, it’s perfectly acceptable. Just make sure it is backed up by a few facts and history of the problem

Professional auto repair garages, such as the Good News Garage, recognize the importance of good communication about a car’s problems. Once you are talking to your mechanic, go ahead and use your list. Mention oil changes, brake sounds, and anything that you have noted during your analysis.

Then stand back and let them do their proper diagnosis and find out what the problem really is. Resist the temptation to suggest a specific repair. Just tell where it hurts, what it’s doing, and let the mechanic work his magic.

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Salmon, Idaho

Salmon, Idaho is located in the mountains of central Idaho along the Montana border and the Continental Divide. We are a small town with the friendly people and good reputations that you would expect from a small community.

Salmon is located at the junction of Hwy 93 and Hwy 28, and also where the Lemhi River pours into the Main Salmon River. We are known for great scenery, plentiful hunting and fishing, great mountain biking, and fabulous river running.

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